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Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable Bracket

VTXDaymaker is home of the only Adjustable Daymaker Bracket in the World. This holds true for the Honda VTX 1800 F as well. Until now, there hasn't been an adjustable bracket made for the 1800 F model motorcycles. Thanks to our Free Daymaker and Bracket Build Program, we were able to design and manufacture an Adjustable Bracket for your 1800 F motorcycle, using one of our customers existing headlight assembly. This bracket is not compatible with any other Honda VTX 1800 trims. We built the bracket around your existing stock housing which means you will retain most of your internal stock components. Continue reading to learn more about some important requirements in order to be  able to upgrade your existing stock halogen assembly to a LED Daymaker Headlamp. 


The Adjustable Bracket is compatible with all VTX 1800 F models for model years  2005 - 2008. The upgrade requires that you make some minor modifications to your existing stock headlight mounting bracket. Other than some standard tools, we supply all of the hardware required to be able to complete your install. The approximate time to complete this install with minor modifications is less than an hour. Continue reading for more information. 

You will need the following parts from your existing stock housing to be able to complete this install. 

1800F RQ.JPG

You will need the following tools to be able to complete this install

tools 1800f.png
1800F bracket stock cut out.JPG

This install does require a very minimal amount of modification to your stock bracket tabs. As you can see in the picture, both the right and left mounting tabs will need to be drilled and filed flat with a metal file or a dremel tool.  

Left tab 1800F.JPG
right tab.JPG

Using a 15/64" drill bit (not included), you will need to drill precisely to enlarge the mounting holes on both the left and right tabs of your stock metal bracket as shown in the pictures above. 

tab smooth.JPG

Then, using a metal file or a dremel tool, you will need to file flat the inner sides of both the left and right tabs to remove the raised bump. In addition to this, you will also need to trim short the spring by a few coils for the adjustment screw (detailed instructions available). After purchase, you will have access to our Members only instruction site that walks you through the whole process using step by step guided instructions with detailed pictures. 

This will be the only modifications you will need to perform before being able to install the Adjustable Bracket. As a reminder, In addition to re-using your stock hardware, we supply all the additional hardware you will need to be able to complete this install. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our live chat or email us at Please check out our Daymaker comparison and Beam pattern pages so you can chose a Daymaker Kit that is right for you. 

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