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  • Does your Daymaker Bracket have aim adjustability?
    We now carry two diferent versions of Daymaker Brackets. Our Version 1 Daymaker Bracket retails at a reduced price of $35. This is a non-adjustable version. It uses shims inbetween the Headlight Bucket Bracket and Triple Tree. We also released an all New Adjustable Daymaker Bracket for the Honda VTX 1300, 1800, 1800F and Yamaha Raider. We are the only company right now in the world to offer an Adjustable Bracket for your Honda VTX and Yamaha Raider Motorcycles. Yes, Our newly released Adjustable Bracket has full range of adjustability that include Up / Down / Left / Right range of travel for the 1300 and 1800 Models. The 1800F and Raider has adjustability in only the Up / Down positions. There are no aiming shims required for these version. You will need to retain all your stock hardware as this bracket was built around the existing stock bracket. For more information, click on
  • What Model motorcycle will your brackets work with?
    My Daymaker bracket will work with the following model motorcycles Honda VTX 1300 Honda VTX 1800 Honda VTX 1800 F Yamaha Raider Honda Valkyrie 1996 - 2003 Honda VT 1300 (Coming Soon 2019) Yamaha XVS650 (Temporarily Delayed) If you would like to upgrade from your stock halogen bulb to our Ultra Bright Daymakers but dont see an adjustable bracket for your model yet? Send us your Headlight Assembly and Bucket!! We will build an adjustable bracket for you at no charge whatsoever! In addition to that we will send you a Daymaker of your choice and the Bracket for Absolutely Free! We are also going to be looking at working on making adjustable brackets for other Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki Motorcycles as well. Stay tuned. Follow us on our facebook page @ VTXDAYMAKER for updates and announcements on new product releases.
  • Do all your kits come with a daymaker bracket?
    Yes, if you purchase one of our daymaker kits (A, A2, B, B2, C, D, E, X or S), you absolutely DO NOT need to purchase a daymaker bracket seperately. A bracket is included with each kit.
  • Do you have instructions for installation?
    You can find detailed pictured and video instructions on the members section of our website. Membership is only granted to those who have purchaed either our Kits or our Adjustable Bracket only. If you have purchased a product from us and do not have access to the instruction site just yet, Reach out to us via email or messenger to get instant approval.
  • Will your Daymaker Bracket work with my headlight I purchased on another website?
    Our brackets were precisely made to fit the daymaker headlights we have made available in Kit form. We strongly encourage you to purchase our daymaker bracket as a KIT (A, A2, B, B2, C, D, E, X and S) to ensure accurate and verified fitment. You can rest assured that all our products are quality products, and there is nothing we sell on the website that we would'nt use. Here is a picture of our 2006 Honda VTX 1300C rocking Daymaker KIT B.
  • Do you offer any kind of warranty on your bracket?
    We completely stand by the integrity and quality of our product. However we understand that at some times mistakes do happen during the manufacturing process and so we offer lifetime warranty on both models of our adjustable bracket. The Version 1 and the Version 2 adjustable bracket. Should anything happen to the bracket due to manufacturer defects we will replace the bracket or bezel for only the cost of shipping. To proper understand and remedy the cause of failure, a review and complete analysis of the damage or failure will need to be processed before a new replacement part can be sent out. Unapproved modifications of any kind will void warranty on the bracket and bezel and you will be responsible for the full cost of replacement. If at any point damage to the bracket is determined to have been caused by failure to follow proper instructions for installation then warranty will be voided and you will be responsible for the full cost of part replacement. Individual component part prices are as follows: Version 1 Bracket - $25 Version 1 Bezel - $10 Version 2 Bracket - $40 Version 2 Bezel - $20 Version 2 Hinges - $15 As of 2019 we are now also offering a non-transferable warranty on all of our Daymaker Headlights for a maximum period of 3 years. We will cover the cost of replacing your unit if it is determined that the cause of failure was manufacturer defect. Shipping charges are not covered and you will be responsible for shipping charges before the item gets shipped out. Wear and Tear on the daymaker bulbs are not covered. Neglect and abuse are not covered. (revisions to the language used above regarding the terms and conditions will be forthcoming) In addition to this, we will be offering an extended 2 and 3 year warranty on all of our daymaker headlights for a small fee. (coming soon)
  • What other services do you provide?
    If you have a motorcycle that is not listed on our home page and would like to get an adjustable bracket for your motorcycle model, simply complete the form on our Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to build a custom solution for your bike. If we end up placing that bracket on our product page for mass production we will give you a Daymaker of your choice and the Adjustable bracket for free. You will only be responsible for the cost of shipping. In addition to custom 3D printed solutions we are now able to laser engrave anything you might want. We can design and create custom Laser engraved products on a wide variety of materials. Please email us for more information. And finally, we will soon launch an installation service. We understand you have a busy schedule and might not have the time to install the daymaker. In an effort to make the entire process easier and convenient for you, going forward, for a small fee of $15, we will gladly install the Adjustable Bracket on your Daymaker. Not comfortable installing the bracket on your headlight? Send us your headlight assembly and we will install it for you for a small fee of $25. You will only have to aim it once you get it back. You will be responsible for shipping both ways.
  • Do you except Returns or Refunds?
    COVID19 TEMPORARY POLICY CHANGES: Due to the current global situation the cost of stocking inventory has increased significantly. Shipping Carriers and couriers are operating at a very limited capacity. Fewer flights are flying and this has caused temporary shipping and service interruptions here at VTXDaymaker. As a result we are currently not able to offer refunds on any orders placed going forward. We apologize for the inconvenience and will reevaluate our policy as the situation improves. As of August 2020, All Sales are Final.
  • How long will it take to ship the product I ordered?
    As of October 1, 2023: Estimated Lead times for all orders are 1-3 days. In some cases same day.
  • How do I get access to Instructions?
    If you just purchased a Bracket or Kit from us, we no longer include paper instructions with your package. All our instructions are now online. You will need to sign up in order to get access to the Members Area where our instructions are located. Follow the steps below to sign up. ***PLEASE NOTE, if you have'nt already made a purchase and are just curious, we have no way of approving you. The Members Area is only availble to those who have purchased a Kit or Bracket from us.*** If on a Desktop, Click on either "Members" or "Log In" Click on "Sign Up" on the Log In Page. You will have 3 ways to sign up. You can choose either one. You may sign up using your Facebook Account, Google Account, OR, sign up using an email and password of your choice. Click on either of the 3 options to proceed. Next, if using the 3rd option above, Please use the email address you used to make the purchase to prevent any delays. Enter the email you used to make a purchase. Enter a password of your choosing. Please note we do not have access to log in information. If you loose or forget your email or password, we will not be able to reset it for you. You will have to click on the forgot password link and reset your password when logging in. After you click on "Sign Up" above, it takes anywhere up to 24hrs to approve the account depending on staff availability. Once approved, you will receive an email notification informing you that your account has been approved. Once you get that email, you will now have access to the members area. To sign in, simply click on "Members" or "Log In" as shown in Step 1 and enter the Login information you used in the step above. Any Questions or concerns, please reach out to us via live chat or by email at
  • Do you ship your products Internationally?
    PLEASE SEE OUR INFO PAGE FOR THE COVID19 IMPACT TO SHIPPING. Yes, we do ship all over the world. We use USPS (United States Postal Service) to ship all of our products internationally. Please note that packages travelling to International destinations may take anywhere from 7-90 days to arrive at your location. With some countries there is no way to track the package to its final destination using USPS. Once the package shows that it has arrived in your country, and if there is no final destination tracking, you will be responsible for picking up your package at the Arrival Post Office in your country. Please provide us your Complete phone number with country code and a valid email address when placing your order. Double check your address and phone number. The postal office in your country may call you informing you that your package has arrived. In few cases, packages may get held at customs and you may be required to pay import duties and taxes. Please note that VTX Daymaker is not responsible for any packages that may not get delivered to your door. You will have to pick it up at your post office in some cases. You may also opt to choose UPS as your shipping carrier. UPS while slightly pricier, guarantees delivery and tracking is available all the way through. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding shipment of your package internationally. Please note that for international orders, you may be responsible for import and duty taxes on your package. VTXDaymaker will not cover these charges. The shipping carrier in some cases will hold on to your package until these charges have been paid in full. If the charges have not been paid in full within a certain time frame, the destination postal agency will send the package back ( usually within 30 days ) Please reach out to us to for any other questions or concerns you might have.
  • Will your bracket work on a VT1300 model motorcycle?
    Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a bracket for the VT1300 model. Our brackets only fit the VTX series and not the VT. We are actively working on this and expect to release a version for the VT models real soon.
  • Do you have any discounts for Service Members or First Responders?
    As a Nation, we have experienced triumphs and tribulations and continue to experience challenges that require our Military (active duty/Veterans), Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and EMT’s to put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Over some time now, we have been asked if we offer discounts or savings on any of our products. Going forward, as a thank you, for your sacrifice, we would like to give back by providing exclusive discounts to all First Responders, with verified credentials. At time of purchase, a coupon code will be generated to take $12 off all Kits. Send us any picture that validates your current or past status by reaching out to us on our website via Live Chat or Email at and get your code to use at time of purchase.
  • Where do you add a promo code?
    STEP 1: Add product to bag STEP 2: Click on Checkout STEP 3: Click on "Redeem Your Coupon" and enter your coupon code.
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