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What is the difference between the Adjustable and the Non Adjustable Bracket?

The Non Adjustable Bracket is only available for the Honda VTX 1300 and 1800 models ( Not 1800 F ). This bracket comes with a bezel that allows it to sit flush with the inner diameter of the stock chrome bezel trim ring. Because of this, the daymaker beam cut off line tends to aim slightly higher than what the recommended standards call for. This is true for any Non adjustable Bracket that you might find anywhere else. Our Non Adjustable Bracket comes with shims included that allow you to lower the aim just a little bit. While still brighter than the stock even with the beam aimed slightly higher, if you ride exclusively during the daytime, you might be able to get away with getting the Non Adjustable Bracket. If you ride at night, getting the Adjustable Bracket makes a world of difference in being able to aim the daymaker beam cut off line and place it exactly where you want it according to recommeded standards.

What does DRL stand for?

DRL stands for Daytime Running Lights. These Daymaker headlights are dual purposed in that they work on Jeeps too. On a motorcycle, the low beam is always on so there is no need for there to be a separate switched setting for just the DRL, unlike on vehicles. On all of our kits, the DRL is internally powered and no additional wiring is required. On kit B3, there is an additional red wire that will need to be wired in to a switched ignition source. Kit C and D come with Bluetooth halo modules and they have a separate ground and power wire that will need to be hardwired in to a switched power source.

How much power does a Daymaker Consume?

The wattage rating on a Daymaker headlamp is not directly corelated to its power consumtion. The term “55-Watt" has little to do with any kind of wattage correlation when referring to LED Daymakers. A 55W equivalent LED Daymaker may use as little as 8 Watts to operate. It simply means that the LED, is able to produce as much light as a 60-Watt halogen Light bulb. On a Daymaker, actual power consumption is measured in amps. While the general rule of thumb with halogen bulbs is the higher the wattage, the brighter the light, with LED Daymakers (which all use very very little power) you should be paying attention to lumens instead. Lumens are the direct measurement of brightness; not watts, which measure power requirements. Not all Daymakers with the same Watt equivalent or lumen output rating share the same amount of brightness or distance projection. The projection lenses used in the housings are different from daymaker style to style and do make a signifcant impact on the quality of light produced and how far it is able to throw that light. For example Kit A and Kit A2. Although the lumen rating is the same, the light output is still different. This is vastly due to the difference in lens design. The A2 has a much better beam pattern than Kit A. Its high beam is much more noticeable than the small spot pattern that is barely visible on Kit A.

Do you offer any type of Discount?

As a Nation, we have experienced triumphs and tribulations and continue to experience challenges that require our Military (active duty/Veterans), Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and EMT’s to put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Over some time now, we have been asked if we offer discounts or savings on any of our products. Going forward, as a thank you, for your sacrifice, we would like to give back by providing exclusive discounts to all First Responders, with verified credentials. At time of purchase, a coupon code will be generated to take $12 off all Kits. Send us any picture that validates your current or past status by reaching out to us on our website via Live Chat or Email at and get your code to use at time of purchase.

How do you aim the Daymaker Beam?

Have you ever been blinded by someone else’s headlights, or noticed that your own headlights are not illuminating the road directly in front of you? If oncoming drivers are constantly flashing their high beams or honking their horn at you, most likely your headlights are misaligned and giving those other drivers an eyeful. If you just purchased an Adjustable Daymaker Bracket or one of our Daymaker Kits Available in the VTX Daymaker Shop you will need to aim your headlight. With our new Adjustable bracket you will no longer need to shim the bracket (Non Adjustable). According to recommended standards, the proper way to aiming your motorcycle headlight is as follows: 1) Find a flat and level patch of ground with a light colored wall at one end. 2) Measure from the center of the headlight lens to the ground with the bike level. Alternatively, you could also bring the motorcycle very close to the wall. and mark the light beam line location on the wall. 3)Go over to the wall and mark one straight line at the same height above ground, and another two inches lower. 4) Place the bike 25 feet from the wall or garage door. 5) Switch on the low beam and mount the motorcycle. The low beams upper cutoff point should rest right on the lower line. The low-beam cutoff should be slightly below the center of the lens to keep glare out of oncoming traffic and reduce the light reflection that occurs during rainy or snowy weather.

Do all your Kits come with a Bracket?

Yes, if you purchase one of our daymaker kits (A, A2, B, B2, C, D, E or V), you absolutely DO NOT need to purchase a daymaker bracket seperately. A bracket is included with each kit. Additionaly, the kit comes with everything you would need to be able to complete your purchase. PLEASE DO NOT purchase a bracket separately if you purchase any of our kits.

What is the Brightest Kit available?

Our brightest kit we carry is the B3 kit in terms of lumens. It has excellent low beam coverage that is very wide and throws far downrange. Switch on to the high beams and it throws a very focused spot pattern down range. The high beam is naturally aimed slightly higher so very little of this light actually illuminates the road. If you do not ride with high beams on, B3 is the perfect kit for you. Our second best light is the B2 kit. While its lumen rating is significantly lower than B3, its lens design projects light way down range. In low beam mode the light leaves you wanting more, but switch to your high beams and it illuminates the road better than any other light we carry. To use high beams on B2, you will need to purchase our adjsutable bracket so you can aim the light slightly lower than the recommended standards so you dont blind oncoming traffic. With high beams on,because of its spectacular lens design, B2 is perhaps the best light we carry. Pair these with our F1 driving lights and you will literally be able to turn your night into day. Unfortunately, Kits B3 and B2 are not offered in chrome and if you must have chrome, then kit E is the best choice. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of low and high beam coverage. The low beam does have some vertical striping effect that a few dont like, but if you ride at night occasionaly, it should'nt really be a problem. Check out our beam pattern page to see the differences.

If I purchase a Kit, do I need to get a bracket separately?

If you purchased one of our kits, you DO NOT need to purchase a bracket separately. All kits ship with a bracket included.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally via USPS and UPS. However, please note we do not charge any taxes so you may be responsible for paying local customs import and duties tax before being able to pick up or receive your package.