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Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable Bracket

VTXDaymaker started with the idea that there has got to be a more affordable solution to upgrading the headlight on a Honda VTX 1300 / 1800 model motorcycle. So we designed our very own Non Adjustable Daymaker Bracket. Using 3D printing technology we were the first in the industry to introduce an ABS bracket manufactured with the aim of bringing you a cost effective solution without compromising on quality and performance. This bracket was designed to replace your existing stock halogen headlight assembly. A simple and quick installation allowing you to upgrade your stock headlight assembly to a Daymaker LED Headlamp. Overall, the installation takes a few minutes and with just a screwdriver you can now upgrade your headlight to a Daymaker that is much brighter without blinding oncoming traffic. Custom bike builder and fabricator Jeremy Goheen from installed our Bracket on his VTX 1300. Click on the video to the right to watch Jeremy install and review our Non Adjustable Bracket. Continue reading below to find out more about what is required to be able to complete this install. 


The Non Adjustable Bracket is compatible with all VTX 1300 and 1800 models from 2002 - 2009. (For VTX 1800 F models, Click on the 1800 F model category above.) Since the headlight housing is the same for all model years and trims, this bracket will work with all trim levels  ( 1300/1800 C,R,S,T,N ) except the F model ) When you purchase the Non Adjustable Bracket, it comes with all the necessary hardware so that you can complete your install without having to purchase anything else. If you ride a lot at night, it is advisable that you purchase our Adjustable Daymaker Bracket since the Non Adjustable Bracket tends to aim slightly higher than the DOT recommended standards ( True for all other competitor brackets ).

We manufactured this part using High Quality ABS filament that is UV treated. ABS is recognized as a strong and rigid plastic in the automobile industry. It is commonly found in many vehicle parts and assemblies. It is known for its high heat resistance and toughness. It has a glass transition temperature rating of around 221 Degree Fahrenheit. This means that it would hold its shape upto a temperature rating of 221 F, at which point it would start to get a little soft. This is extremely high and even with a motorcycle parked in the hot sun, there is no way that the temperatures inside the bucket, shielded from the sun would get anywhere near there. A lot of motorcycle manufacturers today use ABS for producing trim or cover pieces. Outside of the mechanical and chemical properties of ABS, we have rigorously tested our bracket for strength and reliability. Coupled with a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that this part will last a really long time.

Daymaker Bracket .png

This bracket when installed sits flush with the chrome headlight bucket Bezel trim. It weighs next to nothing. This ensures that there is no added stress to the Headlight mounting tabs / posts on the Stock Bezel Trim piece. We have personally seen and have heard how other heavier bracket adapter kits made out of metal have the possibility of breaking or stripping the Mount posts; caused due to heavier weight and the fact that the bracket doesn't sit flush with the mounting posts. With our Daymaker bracket, this is no longer an issue. The bracket does have a latching tab on the bottom. This ensures that your headlight when mounted to the Stock Chrome Bezel trim will not vibrate out from the bottom. since there is no screw securing the trim to the bucket from the bottom.

Daymaker Bracket Turned View.png
Daymaker Bracket Bezel Turned View.png
V1 Bracket Shims .png
V1 Bracket Shims .png

Along with the all necessary hardware (not pictured)  your kit will come with, as pictured above from left to right,

1) A Non Adjustable Daymaker Bracket with a locking tab

2) A Bezel

3) 2 x Shims 

You will need the following tools to be able to complete this install:

1) #3 Phillips Head Screwdriver

2) #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver

Shim location.JPG

In order to increase the overall effectiveness of the beam cut off, unlike other manufacturers, we include a pair of shims that you will use to mount inbetween the triple tree and the Headlight bucket mounting bracket. The shims are manufactured using the same 3D printed process used for the brackets. Because they are made out of ABS, you can sand them down till you get your desired height. The height of the daymaker beam cut off even with shims installed, is still not within recommended standards as it tends to still aim slightly higher. Not an issue if you ride primarily during the daytime. To adjust the beam exactly where you want it, it is recommended that you purchase our Adjustable Daymaker Bracket.  The approximate time to complete this install is around 20 minutes or less. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our live chat or email us at Please check out our Daymaker comparison and Beam pattern pages so you can chose a Daymaker Kit that is right for you. 

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