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Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable Bracket

When we designed the Adjustable Bracket, it was one of our requirements to be able to manufacture the parts on a large scale, efficiently and cost effectively. In order to do this we needed to engineer a solution that would  minimize the amount of time it took to manufacture one unit without raising costs to the end user or compromising on quality. We decided that the best way to accomplish this would be to use the existing stock components and build these brackets around that, without having to reinvent the wheel. The Daymaker Brackets we manufacture are now built around your existing stock housing and components. In order to be able to upgrade your stock halogen headlight to a LED Daymaker, you will need to use certain components of your stock assembly. Continue reading below to learn more about the  what is needed from your existing setup to be able to complete your upgrade. 


The Adjustable Bracket is compatible with all VTX 1300 and 1800 models from 2002 - 2008 / 2009. (For VTX 1800 F models, Click on the 1800 F model category above.) Since the headlight housing is the same for all model years and trims, this bracket will work with all trim levels  ( 1300/1800 C,R,S,T,N ) except the F model. However, we have found that a very few older international models have a very similar but a different style stock bracket that is not compatible with our Adjustable Bracket. Please see the pictures below to make sure that if you are purchasing an Adjustable Bracket, the Stock Adjuster Housing looks identical to the one pictured below. If you are not in the USA, and your stock bracket does not match the picture below, you will need to purchase the Non Adjsutable Bracket. 

ring 1300.JPG

You will need the Stock Adjuster Metal Rings to be able to complete your install. Additionally, you will also need all the related hardware that was used to secure your stock halogen headlight to the stock adjuster metal rings. You will no longer need the stock halogen headlight. Do not discard any of the springs, nuts, screws and screw caps as you will need some of these to complete the install. The Adjustable Bracket does come with a hardware bag that replaces some of your stock screws. The approximate time to complete this install is around 1 Hour or less. 

(If you are not in the USA and your stock Adjuster ring does not look like the above pictures, you will need to purchase our Non Adjustable Bracket or the OEM part for the complete assembly: 33120-MEA-671)

You will need the following tools to be able to complete this install:

1) #3 Phillips Head Screwdriver

2) #2 Phillips Head Screwdriver

3)  3mm Allen Wrench ( provided )

81DpfYGvhTL._AC_SX522_ (1).jpg

AUGUST 2023 UPDATE: We have made updates to the existing bracket we ship out that eliminates the need to trim or replace your stock chrome bezel. This updated bracket will ship out with all orders placed as of August 23. . We have found that in a very few cases ( approximately 10 out of every 1000 units sold), the stock outer chrome trim ring may need to be replaced as well. The reason for this is due to circumstances in which the trim ring might be deformed from sitting in the  sun for too long, or, excessive heat from the stock halogen headlight bulb, or, a combination of both.  The need to replace it depends on how out of round the cut out for the headlight assembly is. Some have gotten away with trimming with a dremel tool the top part of the  chrome ring. It is our recommendation that if you are having trouble with securing or Adjusting the Adjustable Bracket within the Chrome trim ring, that you order a new replacement trim ring. If you are comfortable enough with trimming a small portion of the top of the ring out, you may attempt to do so. You may contact us once you get the kit to confirm if there is a need to replace it due to deformation. ( New Bracket eliminates the need for most to trim chrome bezel )

There are a few kits in our online store page that are not completely plug and play. These kits include Kit B3, C and D. Kit B3 has an additional red wire that will need to be hard wired in to power the DRL. Kit C and D have a bluetooth module that require hard wiring. All kits come with the standard H4 plug. In order to power the DRl and bluetooth modules for Kit B3, C and D, you will need to splice into the Black wire with Red stripe on the red connector as shown in the picture to the right. This ensures that as long as the bike is on, the DRL and bluetooth module will have power. Turn off the key and the power turns off. This eliminates the need for a separate inline switch. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 3.56.15 PM.png

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our live chat or email us at Please check out our Daymaker comparison and Beam pattern pages so you can chose a Daymaker Kit that is right for you. 

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