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Non - Adjustable Bracket

Please reach out to us for availability as we do not stock these. Lead time is anywhere from 1 - 7 business days. The Non Adjustable Bracket is compatible with all VTX 1300 and 1800 models from 2002 - 2009. (For VTX 1800 F models, Click on the 1800 F model category above.) Since the headlight housing is the same for all model years and trims, this bracket will work with all trim levels  ( 1300/1800 C,R,S,T,N ) except the F model ) When you purchase the Non Adjustable Bracket, it comes with all the necessary hardware so that you can complete your install without having to purchase anything else. If you ride a lot at night, it is advisable that you purchase our Adjustable Daymaker Bracket since the Non Adjustable Bracket tends to aim slightly higher than the DOT recommended standards ( True for all other competitor brackets ).


For More information and pictures of the Non Adjustable Bracket, please click the link here

VTX 1300 / 1800 Non Adjustable Bracket Info


Included with this kit are:

1) 1 x Non Adjustable Daymaker Bracket with a locking tab

2) 1 x  Bezel

3) 2 x Shims





Non - Adjustable Bracket

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