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Kit C

Prior to purchase, please make sure that your stock housing is compatible with our kit by reading the information listed on our informational blog. Click on the links below for your model motorcycle. 


Click Here for VTX 1800 F  ( Trims F ) (Years 2005 - 2008 )


Click Here for VTX 1300 / 1800 ( Trims C,R,S,T,N ) ( Years 2002 - 2009)


Click Here for Yamaha Raider ( 2008 - 2018 )

For Yamaha Raider models Only, an H4 Dual 50W 6ohm Load Resistor is required. Failure to use a load resistor may result in unnecessary strain or damage to your electrical charging system. 


Kit C  Color choices available in Black and Chrome


This kit ships with the all new and improved v3 Adjustable Bracket. You do not need to purchase a bracket separately. This adjustable bracket mounts directly to your stock/OEM adjuster housing allowing you to upgrade to any daymaker in our product range and maintain full range of stock adjustability. 

Unlike other metal brackets that could damage your stock chrome trim ring from the combined weight of the metal bracket and daymaker, our fully adjsutable UV protected ABS bracket is lightweight and engineered with reliability, durability and manufactured right here in the USA. 

Unlike the non adjustable metal brackets, you will no longer need to shim your bucket to adjust for proper aim. You will now have full range of aim adjustability that will allow you to aim the daymaker beam exactly where you want it or aim it in accordance with  DOT standards and recommendations. 


Kit C is our very affordable pro tier level daymaker package for upgrading your halogen light bulb to an LED Daymaker. Additional wiring is required for the bluetooth controller. The halo on the daymaker can be controlled and customized to your liking using an app available on your iOS on Android devices only. This Kit comes with everything you would need to complete the install. 


  • H4 Plug 
  • Bluetooth module for Halo
  • Additional wiring required
  • 2400 Low Beam Lumens
  • 3000 High Beam Lumens


Whats included in the Shipped Box?

  • Adjustable Bracket 
  • Daymaker Headlight 
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Hardware Bag 

Kit C

Choose a Daymaker Color
    Honda VTX 1300 / 1800 C / R / S / T / N 2002 - 2009
    Honda VTX 1300 / 1800 F 2005 - 2008
    Yamaha Raider   2008 - 2018


  • This kit is our pro tier level daymaker. This daymaker has great low beam coverage. Side to side beam coverage is wide enough to light up the ditches and shoulders. This kit does require additional wiring to power on the bluetooth controller that lights up the halo. iOS and Android compatible. You will use BLE_Light app to control the halo. The controller comes with two additional wires (red +12 and black -12) that will need to be connected to a switched ignition source for operation of the halo. 

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