What is this Version 1 Bracket?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The Daymaker Bracket

This daymaker bracket consists of the bracket itself and a front Outer ring bezel. This is the non-adjustable version. We went through four different prototype versions before we finally arrived at this design. Not only does it fit flush with the headlight bucket Bezel trim, it weighs next to nothing. This ensures that there is no added stress to the Headlight mounting tabs / posts on the Stock Bezel Trim piece. I have personally seen and have heard how other heavier bracket adapter kits have the possibility of breaking or stripping the Mount posts; caused due to heavier weight and the fact that the bracket doesn't sit flush with the mounting posts. With our New Daymaker bracket, this is no longer an issue.

We manufactured this part using High Quality ABS filament. ABS is recognized as a strong and rigid plastic in the automobile industry. It is commonly found in many vehicle parts and assemblies. It is known for its high heat resistance and toughness. It has a glass transition temperature rating of around 221 Degree Fahrenheit. This means that it would hold its shape upto a temperature rating of 221 F, at which point it would start to get a little soft. This is extremely high and even with a motorcycle parked in the hot sun, there is no way that the temperatures inside the bucket, shielded from the sun would get anywhere near there. A lot of motorcycle manufacturers today use ABS for producing trim or cover pieces. So you can rest assured that this part will last a really long time.

Now the bracket does have a latching tab on the bottom. This ensures that your headlight when mounted to the Stock Bezel trim will not vibrate out from the bottom. since there is no screw securing the trim to the bucket from the bottom.

At the end of the printing process, Although unnecessary, the Daymaker Bracket goes through an epoxy coating process that adds to the strength and durability of the product ensuring that it will last the life of the bike. This coating ensures that there will be absolutely no layer separation or fractures due to vibration or stress when riding.

The Bezel is a little shy of 3mm thick and is not coated with epoxy. This allows for minimal post processing. The bezel does need to be coated with primer and paint so as to match the color of the bike.

If you haven't already noticed, the bracket does not include an aiming adjustment screw. I talk more about how to compensate for this in my "How to aim" post. This allows for cost to be so much lower and affordable to anyone who might want to uprade. I however, have listed the option to purchase these shims as an add-on when purchasing either Kit or Bracket.

If you don't want to shim the bucket, check out our All New Adjustment Bracket.


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