Whats New for 2020?

Updated: Jan 6

So Whats New for 2020???

We hope you had a great 2019. Everyone here at VTX Daymaker (myself and my family) would like to wish you a Bigger, Better and a very Happy New Year 2020! We are excited for 2020 and have a lot planned for this year. Here are just a few things on the board you can expect to see from us this year.

1) My top most priority to start the year with is to finish the VT1300 Bracket. This project has gotten pushed and delayed for a long time now. I am actively working on this and plan on wrapping it up here real soon. Thank you to all that have volunteered to help with the testing of this bracket. I will be in touch real soon. I don't have an expected release date as I do not have a VT1300 bike with me to mess with so its taking a little longer because of this. But this is going to be the very next thing we put out.

2) I have invested in some new manufacturing tools that should help with increasing productivity and efficiency without compromising structural integrity. The plan is to slowly branch away from 3D printing some components of the Adjustable Bracket. Sometime this year I plan on introducing the Adjustable Bracket v3.0 for all VTX 1300/1800 Models. This upgrade is mostly advantageous from a manufacturing perspective and for those of you who already own an Adjustable bracket, there is absolutely no need for you to upgrade to v3.0.

3) I personally own a 2006 VTX 1300 and a minor annoyance was having to search for the very small kickstand tab. Some of the aftermarket bolt on extensions I tried didn't really meet my expectations and in my opinion was more of an eye sore with the stand down. I am going to be developing an all new Carbon Fiber Kickstand Extension.

4) I now have a Laser Engraver and Cutter in house and plan on using that to create some very cool one of a kind, custom and unique, Motorcycle related art work available exclusively on our website. More on this later.

5) We have developed some really wicked VTX 1300/1800 related designs that we are going to be releasing in the form of 3D wall art, T-shirts, patches and Decals/Stickers. This has been in the works for a few months now and we are excited to be releasing these online within Quarter 1. The 3D Wall Art products take a really long amount of time to make and these will be introduced as limited editions. Due to time limitations and machine availability, only a handful of these will be made to start.

6) We plan on doing 4 - 5 new bracket builds this year including the VT1300. Have a bike you want to get a daymaker for? Reach out to us. Lets build you a bracket. As a reminder, if you send us your Headlight Bucket / Assembly, You get a daymaker of your choice and the Bracket for absolutely free. (Shipping charges apply)

7) 2019 was a busy year and I didnt get to finish the Beam Pattern Shoot. This year, I want to finish taking pictures of our Daymaker range at night. Reshoot all the pictures we have on our website, shoot videos of night time rides with each light on Low and High Beam. And also, capture aerial footage using Drone photography to capture and compare Light Output, Range, and Beam Pattern styles.

8) We are going to be having 3 - 4 giveaways this year. A Daymaker Kit, An Adjustable Bracket, and two of our new Designer Products mentioned above. Make sure you Like and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @vtxdaymaker to be notified on when these kick off.

9) And finally, If time permits, we may develop an all new Dual LED Projector Headlight Assembly that will replace the existing teardrop Bucket for the VTX 1300/1800 line. This assembly will utilize the same components found in Cars. (Dual Low Beam Projector lenses with Dual Switching High Beam shutters). Expect the light output to be equally bright as what you might have on a car. Also Much brighter than any Daymaker out there.

Thank You

Shawn Noronha


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