The 1300/1800 Adjustable Bracket?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

The Adjustable Bracket

We just released an adjustable bracket. This bracket was built around the existing stock adjuster bracket. So you get to keep your full range of motion that includes Up / Down / Left / Right. You make these adjustments using the stock locations on the trim ring of your headlight bucket. In order to install this new Adjustable Bracket for your daymaker, you will need to retain all your stock hardware. Additionally, we include all the required hardware needed to complete this installation. You will not need to purchase anything else.

The Bracket comes with a complete and thorough set of professional written instructions. We have now started the process of phasing out the written instructions. Detailed and Pictured instructions along with a video of the install are now available online in our Members only Area. This will allow you to complete the install with zero frustration. In the end, we also walk you through how to aim your daymaker using the existing Stock Adjuster housing according to recommended standards.

This Daymaker Bracket will work with all year Honda VTX 1300 and 1800 Models.

An Adjustable Bracket for VTX 1800F model is now available as well.

Unfortunately, we cannot post any pictures of the bracket just yet. The Adjustable Bracket is currently in the process of having a patent written up and submitted.


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