So Why get a daymaker?

Updated: May 12, 2019

LED Daymaker Headlights are on the rise. There are dozens of reasons to make the switch to LED Daymakers for a better riding experience, and given the increasingly accessible cost of these once expensive headlights, it is becoming ever more affordable for people to upgrade.  LED Daymakers are relatively easy to install. You don't need to be a mechanic to be able to install these on your own motorcycle. In fact, it is possible to install these kits with minimal tools and less than 30  minutes of your time. All of our kits come with full installation instructions guiding you through the entire process step-by-step. Unlike your stock Halogen bulbs,  which need replacing from time to time and are designed to run for around 5000hrs, LED Daymakers are solid state and capable of lasting for many years. 

In terms of lighting LED Daymakers produce, it is created with significantly greater efficiency than with halogen bulbs. The light output is far brighter, focused, increased projection distance and wider beam spread. This means you can benefit from stronger lighting, with a lesser load on your battery and stator. Our Daymaker Headlight Kits are built to exacting standards, ensuring they can realise their full potential over long-term use. Our high quality components are manufactured to last, so when you switch to our Daymaker Headlight Kits, you can rest assured in the quality of your headlights. 

Consider a night-time driving scenario, or foggy road conditions. Rather than a weak, yellow halogen light which illuminates just a few feet directly ahead, or even reflects against dense fog, LEDs produce a much more penetrating, illuminating white light. This results in clearer driving conditions ahead, while making it much easier to see in fog and other poor visibility conditions. As a result, riders with LED lights have more time to react to changing conditions ahead, and therefore can be sure they are as safe as possible on the roads. Aside from being brighter, that actual quality of light from LEDs is greater than the quality of light available from halogens. Rather than a weak, watery yellow light, LEDs produce a much more piercing, clearer quality of light that throws light three times as far as a Halogen bulb would.

When coupled with our All New Daymaker Adjustable Bracket, our headlight kits are an extremely affordable option to upgrading from your Stock Halogen Headlight housing. Not to forget, we offer some of the lowest prices available for these kits. So get your Daymaker Kit today, so you can most importantly; Be Seen and Be Safe. 

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