Shim the Bucket

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Shim the Bucket

This article is for the Version 1 - Non adjustable Daymaker Bracket. So you just purchased a Version 1 Daymaker Bracket or a Daymaker KIT. These brackets or any other aftermarket bracket does not come with aiming adjustment screws. This can cause problems for oncoming traffic being blinded by excessive glare from the lights being aimed too high. The easiest way I have found to resolve this is to add some shims between the bracket and the triple tree. Here is how I did mine. (You do not have to take this bracket off, this is just for illustration purposes)

You do not require to Remove the Bucket, but removal makes the process slightly easier. This also minimizes chance of scratching or nicking your painted bucket.

To remove the bucket, you would need to remove the two 10mm bolts mounting the bucket to the bracket.

This is the bracket that mounts the bucket to the triple tree. There is two 12mm bolts that secure the bracket to the triple tree from the top. There are an additional two 12mm nuts (not pictured) that lock the bolts in place on the bottom of the triple tree. You will have to loosen these nuts enough to raise the bracket up so you can insert the shims.

Here you can see the Shims resting on the bolts on the rear side of the bracket. This is how it would mount up on the triple tree.

The Bracket is now mounted on the triple tree. Notice the orientation of the "C" shaped shims on both mounting bolts.

DO NOT tighten this down. Keep it snug so the Shims do not fall out. Install the bucket.

With the bucket now mounted, Do not tighten these two bolts yet. There is an ever so little bit of play that allows you to lower or raise the aim of the headlight.

Once you have this adjustment, you will tighten the nuts on the shims a little at a time. Do not overtighten when adjusting the beam as you will crush the rubber washer and wont be able to undo it. Align the beam as close as you can to the Mark on the wall and then use the bucket bolts to make final minute adjustment. In order to capture accurate low beam height you will need to be seated on your motorcycle and then make the necessary adjustments by tightening the bolts. Once youre at the level you need to be. Tighten the bracket bolts, but not over tighten. Then lift or lower the bucket and hold in that position, tighten the bucket bolts and you should be good to go.

Check out my "Aim the Daymaker" article on how to adjust your daymaker to the proper recommended height.

Check out our New Adjustable Daymaker Bracket if you do not want to shim the bucket.


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