V1 Daymaker Bracket in Action!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

This is the non adjustable version. How does it work?

This is your Daymaker Bracket with the Tab on the bottom.

This is the Outer Ring Bezel that comes with every Daymaker Bracket. This Bezel does not come coated with anything. This is necessary to reduce the post process work. You will need to Primer, Paint and clear coat the bracket to match with the paint colors of the motorcycle. If you do not wish to paint, I highly recommend that you clear coat this product so it lasts even longer.

Every Daymaker that is compatible with my bracket has this little raised notch on it. There is only one notch on each Daymaker that works with my bracket.

There is a cut out on the Bracket that aligns with this notch to orientate it properly and correctly. Align the Bracket Notch Cut out with the Notch on the Daymaker for install.

Install the Bracket on the Daymaker. Press it on for a nice, tight and snug fit. (That is also what she said lol)

The bracket should be even and close to flush with the outer lip of the PC lens.

Align the Bezel with the mounting holes. The bezel has two sides; The Flat outer side and the Recessed / Raised lip Inner side. The recessed edge should face the bracket.

Align the bracket and bezel with the mounting holes on the Stock Bucket Bezel Trim. Make sure the tab is oriented downward facing the Hole on the Factor Bezel Trim.

Use the 2 x #8 1-1/2 screws and 2 x washers to secure the Bracket and Bezel to the Mounting posts on the Stock Bucket Bezel Trim

Orient the bucket and Factory Bezel Trim as shown. Insert the Tab into the Notch Cit out on the Bucket and pivot in the Daymaker Bracket and Bezel Trim so that the Bezel aligns with the bucket.

Secure the Bezel to the Bucket using the two screws as shown. There is an additional screw on the bottom that you would no longer need. with this new daymaker bracket.

Your Daymaker Bracket is now ready to go.

Notice the original unpainted, uncoated and unprotected coloring of the ABS Bracket. This will need to be primed and painted to match the color of your bike.


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